Saturday, January 30, 2010

Barstools came in!

The stools came in, and I'm proud to say, I assembled them completely on my own... However, after putting them in their place, I noticed that three stools would've looked so much better!! So now I have to go back to BB&B and order a 3rd one because the other part of the counter needs one too.

But here are some pics of the two so far.. For some reason, these pics aren't that clear.

Oh, and I should show you pictures of our son's room.. We finally assembled the changing table (I know, early huh) and the room looks so much nicer now :-). I have yet to take a pic of it but will do so soon.

Here are the stools. What do you think? My son LOVES sitting on them hehehe..


  1. the tops of the stools look black in the pic but they aren't.. they're dark brown... The flash ruined it..

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