Saturday, October 24, 2009

Countertops and more...

More pictures for you today... and some drama!

The kitchen floor tile came out beautifully!! It looks like stone, but it's actually porcelain.. The picture isn't clear enough though :/ I hope it's not hard to clean!

All the countertops are in! Here is the granite in the kitchen. And this is where the drama comes in. Builder said we could get premium edge at standard cost, so I looked online and found a granite edge I like, this certain website called it waterfall. So I asked for waterfall, too bad in most circles, waterfall granite edge is just your standard boring plain 'ole edge :( Oh well, it still looks nice though, right?

The Kitchen Sink!! So, as I said in my previous post, I ended up going with the one-bowl sink. I hope I don't regret my decision. It doesn't look as "nice" as a two-bowl sink but hopefully it'll be more practical. I don't like how it's sooo deep though, the one at my parents' is also 10" deep and it gives me backaches.

The desk/butler pantry

The kitchen at large. Island counter is in. Crown and trim also... Appliance garage still to come.

This is the laminate countertop we used in the laundry room, kids bath and guest bath. Not bad.

Marbelite sink in mudbath! notice sink is mesh with the countertop.

We used the same granite from the kitchen for the fireplace surround. Not sure how I like it yet, will leave the judgment til after the mantel is in.

Master bathroom shower.. Like my artwork?? lol

Master bathroom vanity. Countertop is Quartz, it's called Silestone. I love it!! The edge here is "Ogee."

Up close of master shower

View from guest room window

Dining room with wainscott

Wainscott some more, should look great after they paint next week!!

Stairs, most of the spindles are in. Next week will be painting!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What a difference interior trim makes!

Elevation is mostly done, we cancelled the shutters so nothing much left to do on the exterior. As for inside, however, interior trim work has begun!!! Tons of pictures for you today. Enjoy! =)

Kitchen cabinets are almost done! Island counter yet to come...

Ceramic tile has begun as well, here's the kids' bathroom.

And the master bathroom:

The shelf in the master shower for shampoo, conditioner, etc...
We did crown molding in the family, living and dining room. Has yet to be painted, but here is the family room. Notice the walls have been primed for paint. Makes the house look a lot brighter!

The creative trim the trimmer did above the entry to the dining and to the living rooms. This is the dining room.

The wainscott-esque trim in the dining room. I love it!

Working on the stairs! Here is the handrail and newels. Balusters to come..
We decided to do false treads after all.

Thanks for coming, hope you like!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Granite - Giallo Ornamental

We had to pick a different granite bc the last one we chose is too expensive. This is the new one. What do you think? :-/

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

You know that saying?
Turns out the kitchen sink is a big deal! And I need your help!

Which one should I get?
this one?

left side is 5 inches deep, 7 inches wide
right side is 9 inches deep, 21 1/2 inches wide

or this one?
10 inches deep, 29 1/2 inches wide

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moving along...

Forgot the camera today (unfortunately!) but the cultured stone is in, cabinets are halfway done, and trim has begun!

Here are two pix from my phone.

What do you think of the stone?

LOVE my cabinets!