Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brick, drywall, and more!

Went to see the house yesterday for the first time in almost two weeks and WOW! It changed so much!! Brick is done, roof is done, limestone keys done, drywall is almost done. Here are the latest pics (sorry they aren't in order, Blogger is so annoying!)

The den:

The garage:

Master bathroom - jacuzzi

Master bathroom - shower
We put a bench :-)
Master bedroom:
Love that awning window but we didn't think it through--our bed's headboard is so big it will probably completely cover it!! :(

View from the foyer:

Family room:
Love it! :)


We had some drama with that window, looks a lot better now though!

What do you think of the brick? The cultured stone isn't in yet.
Builder is saying the house should be done end of November! Can't believe it. We still have to finalize interior trim, paint, lighting, plumbing, appliances... Stay tuned ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ceramic Tile

Here's what we picked out...

The Kitchen Floor:

Dunno why this looks gray and ugly. In real life it's a lot nicer. Try this link instead.

The Kitchen backsplash:

In real life this is absolutely gorgeous! The one we chose is a different color though.

Master Bathroom floor/walls:

Found this picture online. We want to do our master bath like this.

We found this tile:

and this border design:
Can't remember what I chose for the kids' bathroom,,.. but I think it was this one:

Please note: some of these are approximate (I couldn't find the exact color & style we chose online). Also keep in mind that the pictures online look quite different than in real life!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cultured stone

The cultured stone we chose is Cobblestone, color: Ohio. This is for the entryway. What do you think?


For the kitchen, we are either getting this cabinet in Somerton Hill which is: maple, square, raised panel, full overlay, color Sedona. (Merillat Classic).

or Seneca Ridge which is exact same but traditional overlay. Depending on price, if the difference is minimal we'll go with the first one.

Here are the kitchen cabinetry designs :)


New Giallo Veneziano

Pictures - Finally!

Framing is almost complete! Just one-two more days... Here are pix:
The lot/driveway

The elevation and rear:

The front door I ended up choosing:

My favorite part of the house--the nook!

The master bedroom:

The walkout basement