Saturday, November 21, 2009

A clean house is a happy house

New pictures for you. The house was cleaned and it looks so much better :-) Here is a picture of the kitchen, completely finished (The fridge is at my brother's house, we haven't brought it to the house yet)

Fireplace mantel was stained.. I love the way it looks with the granite, yay!

Here's the pedestal sink with the faucet I chose for the powder room. What do you think?

The hardwood floors!!! Might be my favorite part of the entire house!

Front door was also stained! Same color from the outside and inside

The temporary walkway/stairs to the front door.. It was dark and I used my phone, sorry for the bad quality:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Leave the planning to God...

As much as we plan, things can always go wrong... Unfortunately, something went wrong with our sewer (don't ask me details because I honestly don't understand it all). We had to order a new piece which 1. was extremely costly, but also 2. pushed back our move-in date. We've already signed a 3-year lease agreement with a Canadian couple starting Nov 30th... Our options aren't many:
1. Put our stuff in storage and stay at my parents' until the house is ready.
2. Ask the couple to push back the move-in date at least a week (maybe more).

As for the storage, I talked to our moving company and it'll basically be like paying for 2 moves... so that's really out of the question for us.

I'm going to talk to our realtor today and have her ask the tenants if they can wait 10 days... If yes, we're good to go. If no, then we gotta start looking for new tenants I guess. (I already have 3 leads, ppl sent me emails from Craigslist after we signed with the couple.)

I've already packed our linens and a bunch of other stuff. Looks like I'm gonna have to live without them for 3 more weeks. *Sigh* What can you do? These things happen.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carpeting!! Hardwood!! Knobs/Handles!!

Wowee!! The house is almost ready! Carpeting is finished--in ONE day! Can't believe it.. Hardwood floors are in, but they're covered so you can barely see it. The temporary certificate of occupancy was supposed to be next Friday, the 20th, but there were some .. issues, so it'll be a little bit after. That's okay, we can't move in til the 30th anyway!

As always, pictures!!! Enjoy

The appliance garage was installed - here it is closed.

And open:
The kitchen knobs we chose. We were short 4 and had to buy some more. Nice, huh? But the left one looks crooked.
Not a good picture of the kitchen handles.
We had a little misunderstanding with the laundry room faucet. They installed this faucet:
But I wanted one that was pull-out and has a spray. So we went to Home Depot and picked out this one: (I hope it's good quality, all our other plumbing fixtures were from a more reliable plumbing contractor)

Hardwood floors!!!!!!!!! I LOVVVVVVVVVVVE THEM!!!!!!!!! You can't really see them but they're beautiful! Perfect match to the stain on the stairs!

Powder room, they still haven't assembled the pedestal completely.

Powder Room, they installed the bathroom hardware.

Guest bathroom shower

Kids' bathroom handles and knobs

Master bathroom knobs

Master bathroom shower door!!!

Nursery closet. I put lots of small shelves. I don't like how the top shelf is SO high!! But oh well.

Master walk-in Closet!!!! YAY!

Master walk-in continued...

Linen closet

Thursday, November 12, 2009


We painted the front windows to match the exterior trim because we found the white to be too shocking:

They also painted the garage doors this week

Hardwood floors are in and our master closet is done. I CAN'T wait to go see them!! Carpeting begins tomorrow. One more week until the house is complete! Can't believe it!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 more weeks!!!!

EEK!! Only two more weeks 'til we get our temporary certificate of occupancy (temporary bc we won't be doing the driveway, ground work, walkway, etc until the spring). We have a potential renter for our condo so we might be moving in as soon as three weeks!! Crazy stuff!
Not many pictures today, I only took pix of things that changed, here they are.

The Kitchen, almost final product!

Close up of the kitchen backsplash. What do you think??

Under-cabinet lighting. Here's where the appliance garage is gonna go.

Close up of the nook light

Terrible picture, I know, but here's the dishwasher

Double wall oven. Stickers are on it still, it's all stainless steel.

My cooktop in stainless steel! Another terrible picture.. but LOVE those knobs ;)

The dining room came out great. Gotta give my husband props on the paint color he chose. With the crown moulding, the wainscott, and the light fixture, it looks great I think!

The lot in the falltime... The driveway asphalt won't be done until the spring. It will be gravel in the meantime.

The retaining wall near the partial walk-out basement

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


When we went to the lighting place, we chose all but the foyer chandelier. In the end, we ended up buying this one from It needs 4 weeks to ship, and we ordered it 2 weeks ago. Can't wait for it to come, hope it looks good in our foyer!

Paint, Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures

Paint is almost done, and they started installing the plumbing & lighting fixtures! Here are the newest pix!

I decided to go with the new "goose-neck" style kitchen faucet, hope it doesn't go out of style soon!

Our nook
Fireplace mantel is in. We decided to paint it the same color as the hardwood.

We painted the family and living rooms a taupe color (the same color in our condo now).

The rest of the house and the hallways are irish cream.

The dining room hasn't been painted yet. I think the color we chose was called Ligonier Tan. The wainscott is done though! Love it!

Kids bathroom faucet & sink

Kids bedroom light - boys room

Our son's room in blue

The nursery in green

Our ceiling fan in the master bedroom

faucet, sink and silestone countertop in master bathrooom.

light fixture over vanity in master bathroom

shower in master bathroom

Newels and balusters have been painted.