Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Better Pictures!

So I took better pictures with the real camera last night.. And since we're finally unpacked they're a lot nicer than the last ones.. Here's the kitchen.

Kitchen pantry and butler pantry with desk (on the left, not quite showing

Kitchen Nook

Family Room


Living Room



Dining Room


Master Bedroom



and Master Bathroom

Master walk-in



Front door

Foyer w/Chandelier

Chandelier from below, my husband had to attach each crystal on his own (with my help, of course)

the Powder Room

The pedestal sink in the powder room

The mudbath with marbelite sink

Laundry Room

Boys room.. Couldn't take a pic of the other kids' room because my son was asleep.. Didn't take a pic of the guest room either since it's just empty for now. We need to buy a set for it before my in-laws come into town.

Monday, December 7, 2009


We moved in Thursday!! It was so exciting.. We're about 95% unpacked, thanks to the unending efforts of my mom... I have some pictures but the quality isn't that great.

The Kitchen :-)
Pantry and Butler Pantry/Kitchen Desk

Family Room :-)

Foyer, Front Door, Hardwood, Stairs

Living Room.. Still needs work

Dining Room


The Office isn't unpacked yet.

Master Bedroom

Walk-in Closet
Master Bathroom

Green (Baby's) Room

I forgot to take pictures of the other bathrooms and the basement. Next time!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moving Day!!!

Tomorrow's the *Big Day*!!!!
Our inspection passed.
The sewer was fixed.

The tenants fell through. So we don't have any renters :((((( Hopefully soon!!!