Friday, April 23, 2010

Guestroom, driveway, patio, landscaping!!

That's what we gotta do in the next few months... We finally purchased a guest room, but I won't upload pictures of it until I buy the bedding. My in-laws will be here in about ten days, so we are good to go :-)
We are also trying to finalize what we want to do for our driveway. I CAN'T WAIT!! Driving on our gravel driveway has been so annoying, especially during a rainfall..., our garage is so dirty and it won't stay clean. We have some ideas and hopefully are gonna start some time next week. Will be sure to take pictures of the progress. I'm worried because there is not much room in our driveway for guests to park, so we are thinking of having a LOT of asphalt to add parking. But we're worried too much asphalt will ruin the aesthetic appeal of our house. I hope not! It's important for us to have a lot of parking, we love entertaining people,so..
We are also starting to think about landscaping and our patio... I like simple landscaping, just LOTS of grass.. our lot is already beautiful with all its greenery, so we don't have to do much. For our walkway, my husband refuses to spend an arm and a leg on brick pavers, so looks like we're going to have a concrete walkway to the front door. :-/ I'm trying to convince him to at least make the steps up the door from brick pavers, but we'll see.
And then there's the patio... I rather wait another year to do the patio rather than have a concrete one!!! Since we already closed on our mortgage, whatever we do now is going to be coming out of our pocket, so if we run out of funds, I rather wait then have an ugly patio.. but my brother (our builder) said there are some concrete patios that are decent looking. I guess I need to do some research..

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